Raspberry Pi

PicoJump is built especially with the Raspberry Pi ecosystem in mind. The unified offering will suite both Home and Industrial use-cases:


Home users will find:

  1. Device setup is simple.
  2. The web management interface makes it easy to keep track of your devices and their services.
  3. Security best practises are implemented for you.

Industrial Measurement and Control

PicoJump is also perfect for Industrial Measurement and Control use cases because of (in addition to the above):

  1. very low inherent CPU/power usage,
  2. very low standby internet usage,
  3. tiny memory (< 2 MB) and disk (< 100kB) footprints,
  4. 100% auditable device code (which also decreases vendor lock-in),
  5. available on a wide variety of platforms.
  6. supports thousands of devices, and millions of logs.
  7. Open source Device code.
  8. Standard Security protocols

Here are some examples of services you might like to make available with PicoJump:

  • SSH access (port 22)
  • a web-server, or web cam (normally port 80, but could also be on port 8000, 8080, 8080, etc.)
  • Minecraft (port 25565)
  • VNC
  • Webcam
  • Database (Postgresql, MySQL, etc.)
  • FTP, TFTP, SFTP server.
  • etc. There are no artificial limits to the forwarded service.

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