Securely access your network's services from anywhere on the Internet, in one easy step.

If you've ever wanted to:

  • access your home server (via SSH),
  • manage your company's remote devices,
  • browse an internal web-server,
  • view your garden security camera,
  • let your friends join your Minecraft multiplayer game.

or something similar, then PicoJump will help simplify this.

For example, here is a very basic website running on a Raspberry Pi, over a point-to-point wireless link, in a private network, somewhere in rural Africa (yet you can just click on this link to view it):

Example: Raspbery Pi status

PicoJump makes it easy to access your Raspberry Pi, webcam, home web-server, business database, etc. running on your business or home LAN (Private Network) securely, from the public Internet. Installation is one, simple step. And, it uses open-source, vetted programs, so you (and your CTO and Chief Security Officer) can be sure that your private communications remain confidential.

This means that you can now access your previously fire-walled, private, NATted, or LAN devices from anywhere with Internet. For example: access your house's Raspberry Pi web-server from a coffee shop in Stockholm.

Try it out for free, and Sign Up.

PicoJump has helped us enormously in supporting and maintaining our fleet of on-site Raspberry Pi devices (that track the region's aircraft traffic for search-and-rescue, and accounting purposes).

— Colin S, CTO at Succinct Software.