1. Simple: One-line installation
  2. Static: Your service is at one URL, and it stays there. Even when your public or private (LAN/WiFi) IP address changes, or your SIM card swaps cellphone towers, or roams internationally.
  3. Secure: Best practices followed, including:
    1. Denial of Service Protection
    2. Hacking protection
    3. Weak SSH key revocation

Unique Benefits

When comparing alternatives, note PicoJump's unique features:

  1. Live monitoring: View the status of all connections from your dashboard (Logs).
  2. Simple installation: cut & paste, and run, a one-line command.
  3. Open source client: No proprietary code/programs installed or required on your device (security audits are simplified, your [and your employer's!] concerns allayed).

Using PicoJump means these are no longer your concern

  1. Setting up and managing your own Bastion host.
  2. Installing a dynamic IP address service, to abstract away roving IP addresses.
  3. Intrusion detection and mitigation.
  4. Getting inbound access to your devices' mobile SIM cards.
  5. Maintaining remote services that die randomly.
  6. Router port forwarding, and managing the Private IP address that it forwards to.